Beautiful UK Countryside Wedding Video at The Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge

Emma & Rowan

The Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge, UK

A beautiful countryside wedding here in the UK, Emma and Rowan got married on 1st September 2018 at one of their favourite spots – The Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge. Everything from the flowers to all of the personal details throughout the day showed Emma’s creative talent and personal touch. They even had a pork pie wedding cake made by the bride’s dad! Amazing. And when you watch this lovely story come to life in their wedding video highlights, just wait until you see the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time…get the tissues ready, this one’s a tear jerker! Emma and Rowan have been together for 10 years and whilst it was a long wait for Rowan to finally pop the question, we all know that slow and steady wins the race 🙂

I asked them both a few questions about their relationship, wedding day and if they were glad they booked a wedding video, read on to see what the lovebirds had to say <3

Emma & Rowan Richardson
Wedding Date:
1st September 2018

Wedding Venue:

The Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge
How would you describe your wedding style/vibe?
Quite relaxed with a romantic rustic feel. Lots of fairy lights, candles, homemade wooden decor, twine, ribbon. kraft paper etc.
When did you two meet?
We used to go to school together but never spoke a word to each other (I sat behind Rowan in A level biology). It was only on a random night out 10 years ago that we bumped into each other and started chatting
Tell us about the proposal! When? Where? How?
The proposal happened in Positano, Italy. Rowan carried the ring
everywhere we went on the Amalfi coast in his backpack all holiday not
knowing when he was going to propose, waiting for the opportune moment. I think it just so happened that he ran out of time as it was the last night of our holiday when he decided to do it. But he chose a fantastic spot, a swanky cocktail bar with the most amazing view of Positano and the sea. He asked me how amazing this holiday had been which instantly made me blub (I didnt want it to end). The he asked if he should make it even more amazing (by which point I knew what was about to happen and more tears came). He got down on one knee in the middle of the bar and asked me to marry him – it was just the best. Everyone in the bar around us clapped and cheered, took photos and bought us champagne & shots. It was the best night ever (and the worst hangover ever) – but totally worth it!


What was your absolute favourite part of the day?

Its so hard to chose as everything was perfect, but probably being surrounded by everyone we love in one of our favourite spots (The Alma) and seeing all our hard work pull together so seamlessly into one perfect weekend.

Who were your suppliers? (Dress, photographer, DJ/musician/florist etc)

Dress – Justin Alexander (from the Harrogate Wedding Lounge)


Grooms Suit – Reiss

Photographer – Anna Wood Photography

Musician/DJ – Matthew Stephens

Florist – Hedgehog Florist (in Colne)

Cake – Personal Ice (from Keighley)

Pork Pie Cake – Paul Coupland High Class Butcher (Father of the Bride)

Hair – Cooper Rose Hair & Beauty (from Shepley)

Make Up – Sarah Oldfield MUA

Venue/Catering etc – The Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest) where was a wedding video in your priority list of suppliers pre wedding?


Would your answer be different now?

We always wanted a videographer but we only had a certain budget. Once we had booked all the essentials (flowers, photographer, DJ etc) we just didnt have the money for a videographer. Until about 2 months before the wedding, someone asked us who our videographer was. When we said we hadnt booked one, this person was horrified and spent the rest of the evening convincing us to find the money and book one, and that we would regret it forever. That night I emailed Sarah straight away to ask if she was still available. I am so so happy that she was!! We would certainly have regretted not having a video.
What is your favourite thing about your wedding video?
Reliving every perfect moment. It’s so easy to forget things as its such a jam packed day. I cant remember walking down the aisle, hearing the music we spent months choosing, seeing all our guests faces as we got married etc. I couldnt wait to relieve the moment when Rowan cried at the end of the aisle (he’s not a cryer so I was shocked but happy that it was going to be caught on camera)! We absolutely love the highlights
Would you recommend to your friends to get a wedding videographer?
100% percent – no doubt about it! I would say exactly the same thing as Rowan I were told – you will regret it if you dont!

If so, would you recommend Plume Creative ;)?

Definately – Sarah was so good. On the day we barely realised she was there capturing the moments we were bound the miss. And now we have these amazing videos and memories to watch over and over again. Thank you Plume Creative – we are so happy we booked you (and that you were still available at the last minute – I think I (Emma) would have cried if we had missed the opportunity. xx



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