Award Winning Wedding Videographer

The North of England Wedding Awards

And the winner for outstanding customer service is….. PLUME CREATIVE!!… cue pure shock, hesitation followed by OMG I WON and walking to the stage hoping to not fall over!! I was even practising my gracious loser face because there was no way I could win an award in my first year?!

So Here it is, my first blog post! And what an exciting one I have to share 🙂

This Is Me

After moving back from Australia two years ago now (where has time gone??) I have managed to follow my dreams and build my own little business here in the UK. Based in Sheffield, Plume Creative has now been running for over a year now. I have over 7 years of experience working in video production and the wedding film industry and I just love everything about it. Being able to film and make wonderful memories for my clients’ most precious day is a privilege that I will never take for granted. I always strive to create the best possible reflection I can of their day through my videos that they can cherish for a life time.

This Is Why I Do My Job

My clients are the BEST and always end up becoming more like friends as they appreciate my non invasive approach to filming their wedding day.

This past year I have constantly been learning and building upon my filming skills. I have also been making sure my clients are 100% satisfied with their end product and the customer service they received throughout the planning process. My word of mouth work has been AMAZING. I am quite a newbie in the UK, it’s just a fantastic feeling that my couples have been raving about me to all of their friends who have then gone on to book me. I’ve even managed to book a destination wedding next year in beautiful SIENNA, ITALY!

My Eternal Gratitude

This feeling of appreciation increased TEN FOLD on 17th September this year at The Wedding Guide Uk North of England Wedding Awards at York Racecourse. I was thrilled to just be a finalist amongst some great talents in the industry. This night was the day before my 30th birthday so I brought along my family to get all glammed up with me to enjoy the night and have a few vinos. So when they called out PLUME CREATIVE as the winner of the videography category,  I was in absolute SHOCK  and it took a few seconds to register and collect the award from the stage.

It was an INCREDIBLE feeling knowing that all of my couples had voted for me to win. It is amazing to know they have been so happy with their wedding film and my instant reaction was just love and gratitude to all that had helped me achieve this. I also felt a teeny bit proud of myself. I’ve had a lot of personal struggles in the past due to low self esteem and not believing that I can do what I set out to achieve, I just can’t even begin to tell you how much this means. Wonderful things really do happen when you start to believe in yourself!

I feel so humble and so happy and I thank my clients and the judging panel from the bottom of my heart for recognising all of the hard work and dedication I have for the job! To me, it honestly doesn’t feel like work when I am filming a wedding day, I feel like a professional wedding crasher!


WHAT A YEAR! What an exciting development for the business and what a celebration it was going into my 30th birthday as an Wedding Videographer award winner! I cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

The celebrations were HUGE and it was a NIGHT TO REMEMBER, even though I had a few too many champagnes 😉

Head over to my wedding VIDEO GALLERY to see some of my latest work – I will be blogging about them all soon.

I also have something VERY exciting in the pipeline that I just cannot wait to share with you all 🙂

Until then – have an awesome day!

Sarah x



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