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Wedding Films

Storytelling is my favourite thing to do, I'm not here to interrupt your day I'm here to be a part of it. As your wedding videographer I want to film your day in the most real, authentic and emotive way possible, creatively capturing your day to tell your unique wedding story. I make effort to get to know my clients and form a trust that is more than just the supplier experience. Many of your guests won't even realise you have booked a wedding video. Let's face it, not many people like being filmed - it's awkward AF, so I like to blend in!


Wedding Photography

My wedding photography captures the real stuff, the raw and authentic moments of you on your wedding day and everyone involved. I am all about the personality of you both to capture the unguarded moments of pure love. I'm not about the stiff awkward poses, yes we will get some cool portraits but I want you to be and feel yourself! I capture those looks only saved for each other and a few snorts of laughter and cheekiness.


Now Booking

I am now booking for 2021 & 2022 weddings for videography and/or photography!
Let's chat!

Couples & Families

I love photographing families! Especially couples and kids. At home or on location I do adventure shoots, engagement shoots, in-home maternity shoots, cake smashes, birthday shoots, newborns and events.


Hey, I'm Sarah

So now you know what I do and how I can help you, I will share a little bit about me.... this kind of feels like when you go to a workshop and have to share 'three interesting facts' about yourself which I always clam up and talk nonsense on but here goes!

I've lived in the UK most of my life until I turned 21 and flew off to Australia for a while. Six years later I still found myself there and became an Australian citizen. If you guys have never been I HIGHLY recommend it and have lots of tips to share. So I used to live in Adelaide, South Australia for 6 years and it will now ALWAYS be my second home! For any of you Aussies reading this, I do destination weddings and I am MORE than happy to come back and cover your weddings! God I miss the wine (and my friends) to death. Travel is such an important part of my life which is why I love doing destination weddings and elopements and always leave room in my calendar for these enquiries.

I am obsessed with my dog, Frankie and I guess my boyfriend, Ben is ok too. We like to spend our free time hiking in the Peaks, exploring new places and being surrounded my awesome people. I love to read, take photos (obviously) and I love yoga, although I'm no expert. I'm an adventurer at heart and always have a story to tell usually at my expense. Like when I decided to try out surfing on our most recent trip to Sri Lanka (so cool right) I managed to hit myself in the throat with my surfboard and couldn't talk for the rest of the holiday!

I'm a big traveller and also specialise in travel photography along with my wedding work. I work with Munwa Experiences specialising in group trips for solo travellers. I basically follow people on their holidays and take photos of them having an awesome time, it's the BEST!

But that's enough about me for now, tell me about you guys! Hit the contact button below and let's have a chat!



Where are you based?

I am based in Sheffield UK but I travel all over the UK and abroad to capture my weddings and elopements.

So you do photo and video, do you offer ONE or the other on each wedding or can you do BOTH?

I can do both! If you opt for photo AND video with me this means you will get two shooters on your day. Myself and my videographer. In this case I will be in charge of the photos and they will do the video, shooting in the same style as the videos on my website. After the wedding, I will edit both your photos and your video. Discounts apply if you choose photo and video with me.
If you choose just ONE or the other, I will be your solo shooter for your photography or videography needs.

How do your payment schedules work?

Ok so let's say you have decided to book me, yay! Now we get down to the nitty gritty stuff of how to pay. So to secure your wedding date I require a £500 booking fee upfront along with filling in and signing the contract. This booking fee is non refundable. The final payment is then due at least 30 days before the wedding date.

What if we need to cancel/reschedule our wedding?

If you have already paid the £500 booking fee for your wedding and this needs to be moved or cancelled, the booking fee is non-refundable and a new one will have to be made. I strongly advise all of my couples to take out wedding insurance, cancellations happen and you have paid a lot for this day so cover yourselves!

What happens if you are taken ill or cannot film/photograph our wedding day?

Hopefully this does not happen and is highly unlikely but as we know, life happens! If I am unable to cover your wedding day, I will do my best to find a suitable replacement that will cover for me, I have very trusty backups/contacts! I will then edit the photos as normal, as I know you picked my editing style for a reason. If for some unlikely reason I cannot find a suitable replacement, your wedding will be refunded.

Can we meet before the wedding to discuss plans and get to know each other better?

Yes, the price of your wedding package includes a pre consultation fee that includes a face to face meeting with local couples and Skype/Facetime call with couples further afield. If further afield couples are willing to travel I am more than happy to meet them half way. Of course for my premium photo clients we will meet at the pre wedding shoot!

Do you have public liability insurance?

Oh yes! Please get in touch if your venue requests this.

Do you offer pre wedding/engagement shoots?

Yes for photography, due to my busy schedule normally most weekends are spent shooting weddings, But I do offer pre wedding shoots to my couples that book the premium photography package, this is a 1.5hr on location shoot (within 50 miles of Sheffield studio) with a minimum of 50 high resolution downloadable photos. It is your responsibility to book these in with me.

For getting ready shots, do you cover both bride and groom?

No, usually I just cover the bride getting ready and get shots of the groom at the ceremony venue just before the ceremony. This is due to me not being able to be in the two different places at the same time and many grooms don't want photos of them getting ready! However, this is an add on option if you opt for a second shooter.

How many photos will we receive?

This depends on type of wedding/how many guests you have and how many hours are covered. If you need an approximate figure I would to say to expect at least 50 delivered photos per hour of shooting and more than this if you are including a second shooter.

How do you choose music for our wedding video?

Due to restrictions with music copy-write laws, I can only use music which allows me to purchase a music usage licence, this allows me to put the music on my videos and means you can share online etc, this charge is included in your wedding film package. It isn't often that you would be able to get licences for mainstream music, to get licences for songs by mainstream artists would cost a lot of money! I use the music licence library musicbed.com when selecting your music and choose tracks that I feel suit your vibe and will tell the story in the best way. I am unable to use music I cannot get a licence for, as this would be breaking copy-write law and would get fined. As you will have seen on the video examples on my website, great care and attention is taken to choose music that creates the correct feeling/vibe of your day, this also means your wedding video will never date as it would with a mainstream track!